Deep Casing TD Pilot-top

The TD Pilot™ delivers high-speed reaming to assist in landing strings at target depth. The TD Pilot™ uses its unique turbine design to deliver power to the reamer without the need to rotate at surface.

With a cost effective design, the TD Pilot™ combines high RPM and torque with low circulating pressures. The design of the tool has removed the risk of reactive torque and pressure spikes causing damage or premature setting of associated completions and equipment.

Eliminating wiper trips, reducing open hole exposure and removing obstructions while running in hole, all add up to increasing your chance of reaching total depth, and in turn maximising your return on investment.

  • Stress free connections
  • Reduce or eliminate wiper trips
  • Low flow rate minimises ECD
  • Ream without surface rotation
  • Low vi bration/low torque
  • No premature hanger setting
  • Target depth insurance
  • Minimise well construction costs
  • Maximise return of investment
Deep Casing TD Pilot reaming system