Deep Casing TurboCaser-top

The TURBOCASER™ is a pass through turbine powered reaming system that enables casings and intermediate liners to be landed at target depth. The TURBOCASER™ provides high speed rotation of a reamer shoe, independent of casing string rotation.

The casing is cemented in the normal manner. The TURBOCASER™ is designed for very rapid drill out. Drill out time of the TURBOCASER™ is under 15 minutes and a dedicated drill out trip is not required.

  • Turbine powered reaming
  • Land casing and liners on depth
  • Reduce or eliminate wiper trips
  • Full bore pass thru and drill ahead
  • No string rotation required
  • Low flow rate on start up
  • Stress free casing connections
  • Case trouble zones quickly
  • Reduce well construction risks
  • Minimise HSE exposure
Deep Casing TurboCaser casing running system