Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Systems

EM MWD Telemetry

DOT provides the most powerful EM tool on the market. Auto-adjusting, High Voltage Transmitters automatically select the necessary power usage for the formation resistance.  This results in the ability to drill deeper than with previous EM tools as well as increase efficiency by spending less time troubleshooting, downlinking and obtaining directional surveys. EM system is engineered for performance drilling in deep horizontal applications including overbalanced, under-balanced and high LCM environments. This EM technology operates on variable amperage allowing for faster survey times at deeper TVD.

The system is compatible with:
  • Gamma logging
  • Azimuthal Gamma At-Bit
  • Inclination At-Bit
  • Pressure While Drilling
  • Vibration While Drilling

New DOT EM system is fully wire-line retrievable which reduces potential downtime and lost-in-hole situations.

EM & MP MWD – Dual Telemetry

DOT is capable to provide Dual Telemetry MWD utilizing Mud Pulse and Electromagnetic (EM) system. The MWD system is simple to use, and connects key tool information to other integrated applications. Benefits of Dual Telemetry System:

  • Improve overall reliability with a combined Electromagnetic and Mud Pulse system.
  • Continue drilling using Mud Pulse when EM signal is lost to the formation.
  • Remove the risk of blind drilling coming out of casing with EM – Utilize Pulse MWD.
  • Improve steering and drilling decisions.
  • Minimize NPT associated with rig.
  • Eliminate the need to wait on Mud Pulse surveys.
  • It operates in environments where Mud Pulse may not be optimal or possible.

MP MWD Telemetry

DOT provides a positive Mud Pulse MWD system for deeper applications where high or low formation resistance is encountered during the drilling operation. Our system has minimal moving parts, which allows for extended downhole life and simple maintenance.

  • Wireline retrievable and reinsertable design
  • Gamma logging
  • Shock and vibration analysis
  • Downlink capability
  • Adaptable tool configurations and programming flexibility
  • Long battery life with Rotary Flow Switch (RFS)
  • High operating temperature (175°C) and pressure (20,000psi)
Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Systems

Near Bit Measurements

At-the-bit Inclination and Azimuthal Gamma ray service operates just above the drill bit, providing real-time measurement that can reduce directional drilling uncertainties in critical hole sections.

The Near Bit Sub enables measurement of inclination and gamma data directly behind the bit. These data helps determine the well trajectory, position and give early indication of changes in formation, helping DOT directional driller land horizontal well on target.

Applications & Benefits:
  • Real-time geosteering
  • Optimal well placement in reservoirs
  • Early bed-boundary detection
  • Steering within formations with dipping beds
  • Reduced well tortuosity and dogleg severity

Other Technology

Drill on Target Directional Services has strategic alliances with key technology suppliers. We are capable to provide the leading-edge technology of Rotary Steerable Systems, Resistivity, Gyro services and associated drilling technologies.